Why I love Masculine Fragrance

In the market today, there are endless numbers of scents. I am drawn to scents that are fresh and clean. The smell of fresh laundry The feeling you get when you sleep on clean bedsheets. Scents that make you feel like you just jumped out of the shower. Who doesn't love that feeling? The fresh … Continue reading Why I love Masculine Fragrance


Life lately in the Tropics

I haven't been here for a minute. Truth be told, I missed being here. Writing my thoughts and hearing from you lovely people. Hey there! 🔆🔆🔆 Who am I kidding? I have missed 2 whole weeks because of procrastination. Anyway, this was not the topic I intended to write on, but here I go. I … Continue reading Life lately in the Tropics

Tropical Muse Gets Nominated for the Liebster Award #1

This came as a pleasant surprise, I got nominated by DYNAXTY for my first Liebster award. I am so grateful to DYNAXTY for this nomination. Do check out DYNAXTY's awesome blog: http://www.dynaxty.wordpress.com  My blog is a week from being 2 months old and this makes me so psyched and honored to be nominated. I truly … Continue reading Tropical Muse Gets Nominated for the Liebster Award #1